This is a game made for the game jam Ludum Dare, where the theme was: "The more you have, the worse it is".

In our game you are a shadow-made person who needs to escape through a door made with shadows, but for this door to open you need to push 3 blue buttons across the scene. You can push these buttons by jumping on them.

Shadow Symbol

Every time you use a skill, the symbol above your head fills up a bit. When the symbol is complete the character dies.


W, A, S, D - move

W + W - double jump

Space - Dash

M - Attack

N - Change Form


The character has two forms, each one with different abilities:

Shadow Mode:

  • Double Jump
  • Dash
  • Character can be killed if you spend too much time exposed to lights

Solid Shadow Mode:

  • Attack
  • Light Protection
  • Character can interact with things in the physical world, such as stairs and buttons, but now can be seen by monks (enemies)


Characters and Animations: David Bampi

Environment: Darwin Andrei

Programming: Pablo Abraham